Local Byelaws

The port has Byelaws that are available for inspection at any time. Below is a short summary of some of those Byelaws, which may be of relevance.

  • 15 Vessels passing through the outer limits shall give priority to a vessel entering or leaving the port.
  • 16 Vessels must comply with the ports traffic signals.
  • 17 Vessels not confined to the main channel shall not hamper other vessels using the channel.
  • 20 Vessels may only be launched with permission from Port Operations.
  • 39 Vessels shall be kept in a moveable condition.
  • 47 No person shall lay down any buoy or similar tackle within the port area.
  • 48 No person shall throw rubbish into the water or place it in such a position that it can be blown into the water.
  • 49 No person shall cast, place or use any drift, trawl or other net in the port area.
  • 54 No aquaplaning, water-skiing or towing of persons through the water is allowed.
  • 55 No sailboards are allowed within the harbour.
  • 56 No diving within the port area.
  • 57 No swimming within the Haven.

For a more detailed full list of byelaw click here