Port Information

Peel Ports Great Yarmouth is the trading name of Great Yarmouth Port Company Limited (GYPC). The seaward entrances to the Port are located at approximate 52° 34.5’N 01° 45.0’E. The Outer Harbour berths are operated by the Port Company, the River Port berths are operated by either the Company, berth operators or private berth owners.

The following information indicates the requirements of GYPC, in addition to this, individual berth operators or owners have their own requirements and procedures.

Harbour Office, Vanguard House, South Beach Parade, Great Yarmouth, NR30 3GY

Please contact this office for shipping information, berth allocation, Pilotage Exemption Certificates and all other marine Information.

+44 (0) 1493 335501
+44 (0) 1493 852659

Marine Services (Yarmouth Radio)

Marine Services is located within the Harbour Office at Vanguard House and maintains a 24-hour watch and advisory service on VHF Channel 12. The service is provided with radar coverage, AIS, CCTV and tidal monitoring. All VHF and telephone communications are recorded. This station has a 24-hour fax facility. All marine communications including ETAs, ISPS Pre-arrival Notification, Dangerous Goods Declarations, Waste Notifications etc. must be emailed or faxed to Marine Services.

Marine Services is the first line contact for emergency response within the port.

Call Sign:
“Yarmouth Radio”
+44 (0) 1493 335511
+44 (0) 1493 852659

Vessel Pre-arrival or Departure Reporting Requirements

All vessels must comply with the appropriate pre-arrival or departure notification requirements either via their Agent or through Marine Services.


The Port’s Pilotage Service is detailed under Pilotage Information

Mooring & Boat Services

Mooring services are available 24/7 by contacting either Yarmouth Pilots or Yarmouth Radio on VHF Channel 12 giving 8 hours’ notice with confirmation at least 1 hour prior to arrival.

There are no tugs permanently stationed in the port. However they are available from other nearby ports when required (ie Felixstowe or Lowestoft). Ship Masters, owners and should arrange and book the tugs after consultation with the Port through the Harbour Office.

The Company operates a "shipping off" service for personnel, using the pilot boats or the survey launch "Compass". Pilot boats can carry up to 4 passengers and the "Compass" up to 6 passengers. All passengers must wear lifejackets and follow the instructions of the Coxswain. Stores can be carried although space is limited and on the Pilot Boats, there is a weight limit of 20 Kg on any individual item.

Access to Vessels

All vessels are required to provide a safe means of access in accordance with the Merchant Shipping (Means of Access) Regulations 1988.


The Company undertakes hydrographic surveys of the Outer Harbour, River Port and the port approaches. Sounding sheets for individual berths are available for viewing at the Pilot Station or the Harbour Office. Vessels encountering depths within the port less than expected should notify Marine Services immediately giving details of date/time, location, depth and height of tide.